Moondrop earrings

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Unleash your mystical allure with our enchanting witchy earrings, adorned with captivating moons. These spellbinding earrings are designed to embrace the magical essence within you, adding a touch of celestial beauty to your look.

Each earring features a beautiful stainless steel moon clasp, and moon charms. They also feature stunning teardrop pearls to radiate an ethereal glow that will draw attention and spark conversations wherever you go. The lightweight design ensures optimal comfort, allowing you to wear these earrings effortlessly throughout the day or during your enchanting night adventures.

Embrace your inner witch and let these moon-adorned earrings be an expression of your mystical vibe.



These earrings are approximately 3in / 7.5cm long in total



  • Stainless steel clasps
  • Copper chains
  • Acrylic pearls
  • Gold plated charms

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