Night Creature Choker Necklace


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This delicate alternative choker features a moth pendant. The moth is an amazing creature that navigates through darkness with ease, it represents the path taken on the path to enlightenment. Despite their vulnerability, moths are a potent symbol of tenacity in overcoming challenges. As the moth adorns your neck and infuses your spirit with its persistent vitality, embrace the moth’s rich symbolism.

The moth, with its fragile beauty and graceful flight, serves as a poignant reminder of the transformative journey we undertake in life. Just as the moth finds its way through the darkest nights, we too find strength in our vulnerability, embracing challenges as opportunities for growth and self-discovery.

Let this alternative choker serve as a wearable talisman, inspiring you to overcome obstacles and embrace the transformative power within.



SM / MD: Fits between 13in / 33cm and 15.7in / 40cm

MD / LG: Fits between 15.7in / 40cm and 18.5in / 47cm


If these sizes do not fit you, please refer to our faq. If you aren’t sure about you sizing, contact us at



  • Stainless steel chain and hardware
  • Zinc alloy charm

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SM / MD, MD / LG

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