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Join Us as We Celebrate Pride Month by Helping Interligne Raise Money!

To celebrate Pride Month, we are excited to share an exciting initiative. We will be running a special fundraising initiative for Interligne, a remarkable organisation committed to offering helpful services to the LGBTQ+ community, throughout the entire month of June.

The purpose of Pride Month is to celebrate and spread the message of equality, tolerance, and love for all. We come together during this time to celebrate the struggles, accomplishments, and contributions of the LGBTQ+ community. The significance of helping organisations like Interligne, which are essential to building a secure and inclusive society, is at the centre of this celebration.

Interligne is a non-profit organization that offers confidential and free support services to LGBTQ+ individuals, their families, and friends. Their team of compassionate volunteers provides a helpline, online chat support, and information services, making a positive difference in countless lives.

Now, we invite you to join us in making a difference too. Our fund-raising effort aims to give Interligne the critical resources they need so they can carry out their amazing work and broaden their impact. You will have a direct impact on the lives of people who are in need of assistance, direction, and a sense of community by supporting this cause.


Wanna be a part of this?

You can take part in our fundraising efforts and make an impact in many ways:

  1. We will give 30% of our profits as donations to Interligne during the whole pride month. So every dollar you spend in our store will contribute to helping Interligne.
  2. Make donations, you can add the amount you wish to every order and we will add this to the donation! Also take note that donations will also be collected during the in person event of june!
  3. Spread the word, talk about Interligne and their beautiful mission! We want to help people get the support they need and by doing this you are doing so much for the cause!


Please also note that supporting this cause does not stop at the end of june. You can go directly on their  website at any time and make a donation!

Don’t forget that Pride Month is an opportunity for us to show our unwavering support for the LGBTQ+ community and not just a time for celebration. We can promote a more inclusive society where everyone feels valued, respected, and loved by giving Interligne our support.

Let’s work together to make this Pride Month memorable. Support Interligne with us, and together, let’s improve the lives of those who need it most.

Happy Pride Month!